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Are you ready for a SPOOKY Contest?

Below are the details to the Halloween referral contest. Good Luck!

Rules, Rules Rules
There has to be some, right?!

The contest to begin 9-19-2016 and end 10-28-16. This makes it a six-week contest. Awards are to be given out at a Sponsored Halloween Pizza party held the week of Halloween or immediately after.

20+ referrals in the 6 week period = $200 bonus  This bonus to be paid to all who reach the threshold.
15 and over, but under 20=          $100 bonus.
10 and over, but under 15=           $50 bonus.
Under 10, a raffle for each qualified referral, with a drawing held for movie tickets (3 sets)

A Qualified referral is one which 

1) contains all pertinent information of referred business...This includes business name, address, owner, contact (if different from owner), phone number, and referring virtual rep.  

2) Customer will be aware that follow-up from our rep is to discuss website and online marketing.

3) We are able to set appointment with the lead.


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