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Your Indispensable Guide to Networking Online

You’ve probably heard the statistic that more than half of the jobs in U.S. were gotten because of a connection that the job-seeker had. This may lead you to wonder - where am I getting these connections? Contrary to what you might think, many of them weren’t just family and close friends who gave them a good reference. In fact, it’s often a better idea to look to people you don’t know as well when on the hunt for a job.

So how do you do this? It’s all about the networking. And in today’s internet-driven world, you’d better believe that online networking is the way to go. It’s relatively easy, it’s inexpensive, and it gives you access to an astounding number of possible professional connections. Here are the steps you need to take to be successful in your online marketing.

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13 Reasons You Shouldn't Try to Go Viral


Of all the newly coined terms that have come out of the social media boom, “viral” is perhaps one of the compelling. Virality is a phenomenon of the 21st century, one that continues to baffle and seduce content creators into spending a huge amount of money and time to attain it. And for some people, it works. Things go viral, some on purpose and some on accident. But it is worth it to chase after that rarely attainable goal? I argue that it might not be.

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Increase Your Conversion-Ability by Giving Your Images a Facelift

Last week my wife and I went on a weekend getaway to Las Vegas and, boy, did we take lots of pictures. You know the drill - you keep taking them until you get the perfect one. A perfect picture includes having your hair looking good, tummy sucked in, and eyes openand heaven help you if it turns out blurry!

So what does this have to do with increasing your conversion rates? You may have guessed it—we’re talking about the images you have on your website and how they affect sales.

Remember the last time you went shopping? You might have done some of the following:

  • picked up the item you were considering to buy
  • asked a worker some questions about the item
  • read the print on the box

Why do we do these things?

It’s because you’re about to part with your money and you want to be sure you’re making a good decision. You want to know what exactly we’re buying. Have you ever gotten home after shopping and discovered something about the product that you didn’t know? Perhaps you bought some apples that were bruised or jeans with an ugly design on the pockets. It’s always a bummer.

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How to Make the Locals Swoon: A Lesson in Small Business Marketing

I live in a town called Provo. Ever since I moved here five years ago, I’ve noticed a funny pattern in the community of engaging certain trends in dessert venues. Several years ago, it was frozen yogurt. Next were cupcakes, then Belgian waffles (my favorite so far). These restaurants will pop up seemingly out of nowhere, and suddenly everyone you know is taking a date there on Friday night.

Recently, I’ve been noticing that Provo has begun a new trend in taste—several soda parlors have popped up around town that sell flavored drinks, cookies, candy, and so forth. Though it seems like just a trend, one of these shops has particularly stood out to me. It’s called Sodalicious, and in just the few months since it started, it’s already become wildly successful. This place has got the locals absolutely swooning.

Wouldn’t it be great if your own small business had such a dedicated fan base? It would probably help if your offered services included sugar and caffeine, but alas, real estate just doesn’t excite people like it used to. So it looks like you’re going to have to use your brain in order to get the people in your area to become loyal customers. Here are some tips that just might help you win their hearts.

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10 "No-Duh" Tips for Successful Online Marketing

Do you ever have those moments when you just have an epiphany that you probably should have had a long time ago? One of those moments for me was when I finally realized how the word “epitome” was pronounced—after I was already studying English at college. I think that’s a situation that the internet would call a “facepalm.”

But you know what? Even though I feel a little embarrassed knowing that I probably used the word “epitome” incorrectly at several points in my life, I’m glad that I finally made the realization that I did. Now I am free to say “epitome” with ease and grace, impressing everyone with my well-adjusted vocabulary.

But what does this have to do with you?

Well, whether you’re just starting off as a small business owner or you’ve been selling products in an online store for years, everybody needs to figure out a strategy for successful online marketing. And there are certain aspects of that which you just might miss if you’re not careful. My goal today is to make sure you know some important basics of marketing your business online—tips that might just make you say, “No duh!”

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