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33 Sources for Fantastic Blog Content Ideas


If you’ve read the Marketecture blog long enough, hopefully you’ve already figured out that blogging is important for your small business website. If you haven’t already gotten that into your head, I recommend reading this, this, and this. Come back when you’re done.


This article’s for all you faithful bloggers out there. You’re trying your best to write regularly, but sometimes you just can’t come up with topics fast enough. Or maybe you can come up with ideas, but they’re...well, boring!


Not to worry. I’ve got your back. From personal experience as well as the recommendations of some of my colleagues, here are 33 sources for fantastic blog content ideas.

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10 "No-Duh" Tips for Successful Online Marketing

Do you ever have those moments when you just have an epiphany that you probably should have had a long time ago? One of those moments for me was when I finally realized how the word “epitome” was pronounced—after I was already studying English at college. I think that’s a situation that the internet would call a “facepalm.”

But you know what? Even though I feel a little embarrassed knowing that I probably used the word “epitome” incorrectly at several points in my life, I’m glad that I finally made the realization that I did. Now I am free to say “epitome” with ease and grace, impressing everyone with my well-adjusted vocabulary.

But what does this have to do with you?

Well, whether you’re just starting off as a small business owner or you’ve been selling products in an online store for years, everybody needs to figure out a strategy for successful online marketing. And there are certain aspects of that which you just might miss if you’re not careful. My goal today is to make sure you know some important basics of marketing your business online—tips that might just make you say, “No duh!”

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