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Why Your Company Needs a Facebook Business Page

I’m sure you’re well aware of how effectively using social media can help your business skyrocket (whoosh!)(*that was the sound of your business soaring…).  And I’m sure you’re well aware that Facebook is included in this. Right?

Facebook has over a billion users, all wanting to connect with businesses that matter most to them. Whether you are a large corporation or a small out-of-house business, you need to set up a Facebook page. Facebook is a great place to market, brand, create relationships with customers, and start a following for your business.


And did we mention it’s free?

Facebook pages also allow you to view analytics and date like site visits, comments and ‘likes’ received each day, and even demographic breakdowns. Through your Facebook page, you can also see what is stirring up the most reactions. Did your followers respond well to a post about a deal or offer? Did they click the link to your sites latest product?

Facebook Business Statistics

And, once again, did we mention you get all of that…for free?

Through Facebook, you can develop a following through people ‘liking’ your page. You are also able to engage with other customers through frequent wall posts and comments. You can also put a face to your company and small business. Who are you? What are you about? Show that you are real people and not just robots selling dried carcasses online.

Did we also mention that your Business Center allows you to create custom Facebook pages? It’s true. You can add anything to your Facebook page that you can add to your website! Feature your products, add a custom form, accept appointment bookings – the possibilities are endless! Your customers can add products to their cart & purchase, sign up for a newsletter and book appointments all from your own custom Facebook pages. This is a great social media marketing tool for you and your company to use to your advantage!

Custom Facebook Page built with the Marketecture Business Center

Just remember: you are on Facebook to engage potential customers. You can do this by frequently posting relevant and quality content. This may be how-to articles, photos, interesting articles or websites, product reviews and deals, employee profiles, and more. Be creative but maintain a sense of professionalism! And remember who your audience is.

What success have you seen for your business using Facebook? We want to know! Tell us in the comments below and include a link to your profile – we’d love to see.


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