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Making Your Business Likable

1. Relatable

Being relatable is about showing your customers that your business isn’t a faceless corporation. That you are a human being and have dreams and fears and lives just like they do. A good way of doing this is by keeping a blog. You can create great content for SEO purposes, become an authority in your field AND let people get to know you and your personality. Talk about where your business was and where it is now. 

People want to connect to each other and they would much rather buy something from someone they understand and feel like is a good person than the dreaded “big business.”

2. Active

Nobody likes a couch potato. They’re boring. Your business needs to be doing things. Are you actively marketing your company? Are you creating content (online and off) that will help establish your business? Are you interacting with people on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any of the other never-ending social media sites? 

Being active shows that you care about your business and your customers. Responding to customer concerns, addressing issues within your business and fixing problems gives you the air of growth and continuous motion. People will begin to trust that you’re not just sitting in a dark room, counting your money. 

3. Competent

This is the most important one for a business. You can be active, you can be relatable, but if you are incompetent then you will fail. You need to prove to your customers that you are capable of doing your job. If you sell socks, then you’d better be pretty freaking fantastic at selling socks. If you’re more of a basket weaving person, then you’re baskets better be the best baskets they’ve ever seen. 

The more competent you are, the more sales you’ll make. Being relatable and active will help you push your company further, but being the best at what you do needs to be the foundation of your entire business. 

Nothing will make your customers lose confidence in you faster than if you seem incompetent. As much as people like the idea of small businesses run by regular people, they will always go to the place that they think is more capable. If you make yourself seem like a small business without know-how, then they will pass you by in favor of someone else that they trust more. 


The correct use of these three tools will guarantee your company’s good graces in the public’s eye. It will gain you good reviews, better recommendations, and a better outlook on your company in general. 

Use them to your advantage. If you manage to get the public to like you more, then you will gain brand loyalty faster, retain and gain new customers, and feel good about yourself and your business. 

So, what is your company doing to increase their likeability? How has it affected the view of your business with the public? Or do you have any stories about being with a company that really failed at these rules?

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