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Making Product Descriptions Work for You

1. The description is incomplete.

Below is a screenshot example of a site that is charging $3,000+ for an item that has an incomplete product description:

It’s missing a lot of information. Wouldn’t you like to know what the dimensions are? It does, however, say that it’s 9 feet tall, but it doesn’t tell me how wide it is. Because of the incomplete product description, I can guarantee this product will not sell. Make sure that you’re telling a visitor every possible thing they would need to know to make an informed decision, especially if it’s a product that costs thousands of dollars.

2. The description lacks sales copy.

Features and benefits go hand in hand. Most product descriptions only talk about the features of the products. There’s an old adage that is extremely relevant here – “Features tell, benefits sell.” That’s also not much different than this saying, “Facts tell, stories sell.” You’ll find that features are factual whereas benefits sell the product by telling a story.

A classic example of this is the plain old drill. People don’t buy a drill for the sake of having a drill lying around the house. They buy a drill because they want a hole. If you were selling drills on your e-commerce site, then you would want to make you’re not only listing the features, but also helping someone see how those features benefit them. What does the drill do that makes their life better?

In general, you’ll want to use features as a lead-in to the benefits. You’ll then paint a picture or tell a story about what they’ll be able to accomplish once they have the product.

3. The description isn’t easy to read.

Below is an example of a product page that isn’t exactly easy on the eyes:

Website visitors are notoriously lazy. They like to read small paragraphs of text (usually between 2 and 4 sentences). If you’ve got a large product description, you’ll be wise to make use of bullets, numbering, bolding and short paragraphs. Doing so will make the description much easier on the eyes.


Make sure your product descriptions are working for you by being thorough about details, adding sales copy, and making your text easy to read and scan. These kinds of changes can make a world of difference for your conversion rates!


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