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Adding Product Reviews

Method #1 – Ask for them

Do you leave product reviews? Most likely you don’t if you’re anything like me. I am always buying things and hardly reviewing them; however, I will review something if I’ve had a bad experience.

Sometimes people need to be nudged to leave a positive review. Every order that comes through your website should be tied to an email address (especially if they create an account for repeat orders). Use this email to reach out to your customers and ask them to review the product they purchased from you. This is a method used by all the biggest retail websites, and you’d be wise to imitate them.

Method #2 – Swipe them

I included this method because people rarely respond to the emails you send to them. This method encourages you to take social proof matters into your own hands.

Some of you might think this is unethical, but remember that I’m not telling a visitor that someone bought this item from my site. I’m simply telling them the experience that someone had with this same product.

In order to find reviews, copy the name of the product you wish to find a review for and paste it into the Amazon search bar (Walmart and Sears will work as well).

Once you’ve identified the product being sold by another seller, copy and paste the review onto your website.

I don’t recommend pulling negative reviews, but I do suggest reading them to learn more about the products you’re selling. One time as I was looking for reviews of a particular cat tent, I found that the product kills cats. Needless to say, I told the client that they should consider removing that item from their site.


As you add product reviews through swiping or asking for them, you will boost credibility in yourself as a seller and in the product. Remember, no one wants to be the guinea pig—so start gathering reviews today!

What are some of the methods that you use to get reviews for your site?


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