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You have a hard enough time running your business. Let us take care of the stuff we know best, while you handle the things you know best. And no, we're not talking about giving you another piece of software to learn: we'll do it for you. That's what makes us unique. We've combined our powerful small business software with world-class services to bring you the only end-to-end small business solution. We want to become your marketing department, web developers, hosting platform, and webmaster all for the price of a few cups of coffee a day.

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You need a trusted small business advisor that can handle all of the web stuff for you: social media, emails, ecommerce, PPC, SEO, DNS, WWW, and all of those other tech acronyms. We've worked with over 400,000 small business owners and we’ve learned a few things. We know that you don’t need one more software to learn or one more hat to wear. We also know that you need help. You want to grow your business but you don’t have the time or energy to do it all. We've got you covered with our full range of small business services and all-in-one small business software. 

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Some of what our clients are saying...

We want to thank Webiquity, the best web programmers and people in general. They are based in Utah and they basically saved the day. If you are starting a website, use Webiquity.

Michelle Money & Laura Armstrong

Owners The Beauty Destination

Webiquity has been great! My account manager has been absolutely fantastic to work with. She has walked me through every step of the process and always keeps me up to date with what's going on. It's nice knowing I can focus on my business while they're working on everything else.

Curt Doussett

Owner Comedy Sportz Utah

Webiquity's Partners



Partner Since: July 2013


The company was founded.


Offices nationwide.



With 100+ office locations across the nation, Paychex produced $2.3 billion in revenue in fiscal 2013. The company offers an ever-growing variety of payroll and human resource products and services that help clients do what they do best — run their business. With a wide range of services – including payroll processing, retirement services, insurance, and a fully outsourced human resource solution – Paychex customizes its offering to the client's business, whether it is small or large, simple or complex.

"We were Very Excited to be working with Marketecture. They gave us the ultimate Small business Solution to help out our clients with their problems."

-Someone Cool at Paychex

Paychex offers best-in-class solutions that help you run your business better: online payroll; mobile apps; top reporting features; human resource management; employee benefits; 401(k) administration; and more.

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Blue Pay

Partner Since: December 2014


The company was founded.


Clients Worldwide.



One of the biggest concerns with our clients is ensuring they get paid on time and easily from their clients, while safeguarding their end users' sensitive payment information online. We’ve spent a lot of time researching and meeting with different payment processing companies and never felt we had found the right partner, until we teamed up with BluePay. We’re super excited to have them as part of the Marketecture Ecosystem. BluePay provides exactly what each of our clients needs to process payments for their business!

"We specialize in integrated solutions for clients who want to process payments efficiently. By integrating our short-form application into Marketecture’s sign-up process, we’re providing a simple, seamless, and fast solution for Marketecture’s clients to accept payments."

-Kristen Gramigna, CMO

BluePay is a leading provider of technology-enabled processing services for enterprise, small, and medium-sized businesses. Through physical POS, online, and mobile interfaces, BluePay processes payments and provides real-time settlement, reporting, and reconciliation, along with robust security features such as tokenization and point-to-point encryption.

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Partner Since: August 2014


The company was founded.

52 Million +

Customers nationwide.



TaxACT was created from the ashes of a product called Personal Tax Edge marketed by Parsons Technology. Starting with a simple goal to provide high quality tax preparation software to taxpayers at an affordable price, TaxACT launched in 1998. In less than a decade, TaxACT has claimed its place amongst the Goliaths of the industry. Since 2000, TaxACT has assisted with nearly 53 million e-filed Federal returns.TaxACT is the only Web-based tax planning and preparation product to offer a year-round tax preparation solution (Preview versions are released each October, with Final versions released in January). In January 2012, TaxACT was acquired by Blucora, Inc.™ [NASDAQ: BCOR], then InfoSpace. 

"We were Very Excited to be working with Marketecture. They gave us the ultimate Small business Solution to help out our clients with their problems."

-Someone Cool at TaxAct

You know your business, TaxACT knows taxes. Easy to use interview-based tax filing solutions for do-it-yourself small business owners. As long as you can answer basic questions about your business, you can easily file your taxes for your small business using TaxAct!

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Partner Since: September 2014


The company was founded.

80,000 +

Customers nationwide.



DigiCert is a U.S.-based Certificate Authority located in Lehi, Utah, and has been providing SSL Certificates and SSL management tools for over a decade. Unlike other CAs who offer dozens or even hundreds of products unrelated to SSL encryption, creating and supporting top-shelf digital certificates is all we do. This focused energy allows us to concentrate on providing our customers with the best products available, as well as unmatched support.


"DigiCert provides tools and award-winning customer service to simplify the process of deploying and managing digital certificates."

-Jeremy Rowley, VP of Business Development

The more your customers trust you, the more they buy from you. DigiCert provides the best identity assurance in the industry, so visitors to your website will know who they are doing business with. Smart companies all over the world use DigiCert's EV SSL certificate, secure site seal, and branding to help build trust. "Your success is built on trust."

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Partner Since: June 2014


The company was founded.


Clients nationwide.



Founded by Kreg and Amanda Peeler, SpinGo is an event engine that connects event promoters to event goers through a national network of more than 1100 media websites and independent mobile apps. SpinGo’s robust database boasts more than 150,000 monthly human verified events, 100,000 performers, and tens of thousands of venues. Investors include Rick Alden of Skullcandy, Alan Hall of Mercato Partners, Josh James of Domo, Todd Petersen of Vivint, and Greg Warnock of Mercato Partners. 

“The hard work that the SpinGo team has put in over the years has led to outstanding results. Because of our passion and dedication, our momentum will continue to build and SpinGo will advance as a powerful force in the event world.”

-Kreg Peeler, CEO

We believe events should be shared, attended, and experienced. We want events to succeed; we have their best interest at heart. So if you’re feeling left out, SpinGo can help. SpinGo - Where events go to be seen.

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