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With the advance of technology dependency and social networking sites, social networking is becoming the bread and butter of marketing. Some of these practices include geo-targeted search, social media sites, social media sharing, and email campaigns. Our builder makes it easy to launch an effective social networking campaign that will grab the attention of future and current prospects.

Listen To Those

In your area

Neighborhood pride is a real, powerful idea that lasts longer than your elementary school days. Generally, people like to buy locally if they can. It gives them a sense of patriotism, loyalty, and graciousness.

Our geo-targeted searches help you to find a targeted social audience in or around your area. Suddenly, your Facebook and Twitter efforts aren’t going to waste – you are able to scout out a solid customer base and make your advertisements visible to the right people. You can perform targeted Twitter keyword searches and nail them down to a specific location. Suddenly, those “right people” are walking through your door – how neat is that?

Plan Your Communications

With scheduled messaging

Have you ever received an email at six in the morning or eleven at night from a company? Does it make you scratch your head and wonder if they ever sleep? With our scheduled messaging feature, you are able to do just that: sleep more and work less. Send personalized emails and newsletters without having to physically be there. Schedule emails to send out at a specific time for the rest of the week, month, or even year.

Scheduled messaging gives your company that edge and makes it appear like you work all day, every day. It lets you get into your target and potential customers’ homes while the other companies are still asleep. Multi-tasking made easy.

Strike Gold

With social media prospecting

Ever wish you knew when the customers in your area were interested in your products or services? Imagine if you were a salon, and anytime a prospect told their friends they needed a mani/pedi, you could get a coupon directly into their hands.

People right now are looking for your business across Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the social media world. Our social prospecting tools search for potential customers based on keywords or phrases specific to your business. When we find one that matches, you can send them a coupon, tell them about your services, invite them to an open house and much more within seconds of their post or tweet – converting them to a customer in real-time.

Check Your


It is often hard to judge exactly how effective your social media efforts are. Are people responding to my Tweets? Should I be paying more attention to Facebook? Am I plugged into the social media sites that will find me the most potential customers? Is it ‘tweet’ or ‘twit’? You get the idea.

We get it. So we’ve made it easy for you. Our system comes with a built-in social relevance score that will help you gauge your efforts. The higher the number, the better you are doing with social media. We factor in everything – your activity on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites, how often you log on and connect with customers, your use of geo-marketing, and more, all in one place. No more guessing games.

Join The Blogosphere

With built-in blogging

There are so many different-yet-nearly-identical blogging platforms floating around on the internet, and they all come loaded with pros and cons. So Webiquity has simplified it. We’ve taken all the best aspects of other blogging platforms (video support, easy photo uploading, comment boxes, etc.) and put them into our own cohesive blogging platform

Creating your blog has truly never been easier. Whether the purpose of your blog is to showcase your company’s personality and connect with customers, or if it’s more for business and stats, you’ll be adding posts in no time. Our builder allows you to submit your posts to blog aggregators and allow pingbacks and trackbacks, all of which help broaden your reach.

And did we mention it’s all built into the easy-to-use Webiquity platform? Yeah. Seriously, blogging made easy.

Tweet, Like, And Pin

Like a kid again

Have you ever witnessed a teenager in action? Check Facebook; check Twitter; retweet, favorite, reply; update status; check Instagram… scroll, scroll, scroll; check in on Foursquare; check Facebook again…

It’s exhausting. And while marketing experts are suggesting we should adapt to the social media awareness of the adolescent, nobody has time for that (unless you are between the ages of 13-19, of course).

With our social network integration, you are able to connect to all the important social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Foursquare, etc.) and manage them all through the dashboard and email. We walk you through the setup, and if you still have questions, you can find helpful articles and videos in our university to keep your efforts rolling. Most importantly, we save you time by putting everything all in one place. Social media is important, but it shouldn’t consume all of your time and energy. Leave that to the kids.

Connect With Customers

On a whole new level

Immediately share updates, news, and content to your customer base and vice versa. The Webiquity platform comes with built-in social sharing capabilities that will help you broaden your audience and reach. Features like Facebook commenting capabilities, built-in sharing tools, and like-and-share widgets make sharing what your company has to offer easier than ever.


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