Manage your team

Manage your team


Brittany? Brian? Bueller?

We get it. You've got a lot to juggle when running a small business. Throw fifteen employees’ names into the mix and you might just topple over. You've got enough to worry about without having to remember whether it’s Caroline or Carolynn. Keep track of your employees and their email accounts, groups, and site access with our Employee Management System.

…and, for the record, it’s Caroline.

Stay In The Know

With employee bios

Never miss a work anniversary of your employees again. Or, rather, never unknowingly miss a work-anniversary. Through employee bios, you are able to submit photographs, usernames, hire dates, emails, phone numbers, addresses, notes, and more. Manage and view your employees easily, add new employees to your business system, and delete bios for employees who leave. All in one place, all made easy.

A Professional Email

For all your employees

Alright, so you're not an evil genius, but can't you at least get your minions a little credibility? With Webiquity, creating custom email accounts for your company and domain name has truly never been easier.

Create email addresses for each employee, department, or need that you have. Instead of emailing an unprofessional account to ask a question, your site users could be emailing for the answers. So much better.


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