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A killer email marketing plan can give you the edge that your business needs. Email marketing allows you to step inside your potential and target customers’ homes and get personal. Use our system to connect directly with your customers with customer email accounts, targeted drip campaigns, and our other email marketing tools. Make it easy to reach out to hot leads and create customers that stick – all through the power of email.

Keep Customers Engaged

With a newsletter

Whether you want to gush about your new product, update your customers about big changes in the industry, or simply share some articles that you found interesting, a newsletter is an excellent way to connect with customers and showcase your professionalism and personality simultaneously.

Our built-in newsletters deliver. You can create professional HTML emails and newsletters that are both functionally and aesthetically pleasing in minutes without having to consult a graphic designer or copywriter. Our university is also packed with articles and how-to videos to help you get started.

Create Automated

Drip campaigns

In case you need some refreshing, a drip campaign is a marketing strategy that 'drips' messages to your customers over an extended period of time. These messages are pre-written and scheduled ahead of time, so you can sit back and relax while your email marketing works for you.

Assign your customers and leads to groups so that you can cater to the right target audience with your email blasts and newsletters. Communicating with your customers and potential leads (and conserving effort!) is a snap with an automated drip campaign.

Look Sharp

Professional email accounts

Receiving a professional email that is full of business lingo and special offers is great. But when it ends with …not so much.

While Yahoo!, Hotmail, and Gmail are wonderful email hosting sites, they don’t scream professionalism. Our platform allows you to have unlimited email accounts with your own domain. Gain the confidence of your consumers, employees, and yourself with a professional email. With unlimited accounts, you can now have unique email addresses for every single employee, business unit, and marketing initiative. Unify your business – all in one place and all at no additional cost.

Custom Lead Forms

Do all the work for you

Your website should work for you, not the other way around. Turn your website into a lead-generating machine! With our custom form builder, we’ve made creating your own web forms a cinch. You can create the perfect lead capture form to collect the information vital to your business. Whenever a form is filled out on your site, the information is put directly into the built-in Customer Relationship Manager.

Now you can keep tabs on your customers and get to know them better. All at no additional cost and no additional effort. Easy!

Send Emails To

The right people @ the right time

Have you ever had so many friends that you hardly can keep track of them? Us neither. But we imagine it’s quite difficult. All those names, birthdays, restaurant preferences… It could send any person’s head into a flurry.

Webiquity makes it simple. With our built-in Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), you can easily manage your customers and clients. View all client activity from one simple interface including current customers, newsletter subscribers, user accounts, and leads. Assign customers to unique groups for targeted marketing and follow-up. No confusion.

Connect With

The best email software

If you already have an account with MailChimp or Constant Contact, Webiquity makes it easy with email integrations. Checking your email has truly never been easier.

You can view your email from the administrative area of your website through our built-in webmail interface, download your email to Outlook or Thunderbird, or even check your email through your Yahoo! or Gmail account. Your prospects are in their inbox all day – every day. Now you’ll never be out of the loop!


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