Schedule like a boss

Stay on top of your schedule


As we all know, life can be demanding. It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle and forget that you had an appointment last Tuesday with your overbooked dentist or a reservation thirty minutes ago for that restaurant you’ve wanted to try for years.

Our reservation and scheduling services alleviates some of the stress of remembering and the disappointment of forgetting your clients. Customers set and book appointments online, receive reminders, confirmation emails and more.

Everyone loves a stress-free customer experience – especially stress-free business owners.

Carpe Diem

Seize the day

Avoid the stress of scheduling and the pain of double-booking with our online scheduling services. Create new sales prospects, develop loyalty and trust from your customers, accelerate sales and services, and interact easily with customers by making it clear when you are available.

The schedule is simple to create and maintain and will help you to keep your services in order. Ditch the pen and paper – with one quick glance you’ll be able to know your schedule like the back of your hand.

Set Reservations

Easier than ever

Make your website an end-to-end solution for your customers by allowing them to book appointments through your site. The scheduling and appointment-setting is now in your customers' hands as they are able to quickly browse your availability on the calendar and determine what day and time works best for them.

If the customer prefers to call in and make an appointment, you are granted permission from the back-end to put them in the schedule. This service is perfect to keep potential customers interested and to get more appointments quickly.

Friendly Reminders

And confirmations

We have all been there: You’ve scheduled a much-needed haircut for Friday the 17th at 4:00 PM, and you remember about it Saturday the 18th at 6:00 in the morning. Joy of joys.

We don’t want that to happen to your business. Our appointment reminders and confirmation emails help to turn your 5 o’clock appointments into actual paying customers who you can create relationships with (because they at least remembered to show up).

Forget the Hassle

Sell Tickets & Bill Reservations!

We all know that it is such a hassle to pay for things in person #firstworldproblems. So allowing for your clients to pay for services online is a no brainer! It doesn't matter if you are a general admission event, massage parlor, or you allow for your products to be reserved. Your clients can now pick a time, how many seats (if applicable) and then pay for it online. The time of the reservation doesn't even matter! They can reserve your garden tiller for 3 hours, buy 5 tickets to your concert, or even reserve the honeymoon suite for the weekend. Just let them pay online, otherwise they may complain on the interwebs.


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