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You may have heard that no one judges a book by its cover – but, unfortunately, nearly everyone does. The design, functionality, and layout of your website are crucial to your online success.

Our editor is easy to use and helps you lay out a great-looking, functional site quickly and painlessly. We have a drag-and-drop website builder, over 3000 pre-made content templates, unlimited file management and more.

Let’s ride that book metaphor out, shall we? If people like your cover, they'll read your book...and maybe, maybe turn it into a sub-par movie, too?

Drag and Drop.... Drag and Drop

Say it with me: drag and drop

Well, it looks like you’ve mastered our website builder! It’s as simple as that. Text, pictures, videos, widgets, and more can all come to life and make your website unique, and all you have to do is drag and drop them there. We have made editing your website as familiar and intuitive as brushing your teeth. At least we're assuming that's something you’re familiar with.



Make Your Website

Do what you want

Our platform’s arsenal has loads of widgets that will help you manage your website more effectively, create an online presence and personality for your site, and entertain your site visitors.

With Webiquity, widgets are easy to understand and navigate, and they're even easier to add to the page (seriously, just drag and drop). Each widget is well-thought-out as we consider both ends of the spectrum; what do you want from your site, and what does your customer want?

YouTube videos? We got it. Photo gallery? Yep. Cat of the week? Not quite. But we’re working on it.

Your Logo Is Beautiful

Make it beautiful

The logo is the face of your brand – it’s what will represent your business whether you are social networking or packaging your products. A meaningful logo gives you the branding power you will need to be recognized as an authority in your industry. Our designers work side by side with you to perfect your logo design.

We let you take the reins by listening to your input and designing a logo that will fit your personality and needs. We will create two logo prototypes for your review. Then we will revise the logo and resubmit for your final approval, and you will cheer with delight (or request some minor additional changes – remember, we're pros here).

Your Domain Is Your Site's Calling Card

Make it memorable

There’s nothing worse than trying to remember the domain name of a website you stumbled upon and drawing a blank. It was called Puppy Sweaters, right? It must be then?

Here at Webiquity, we don’t want to make your customers play the guessing game. We allow you to use your own domain name, one that makes the most sense for your company. A custom domain name makes it easy for your customers to find your website. If you don’t already have a domain name, we’ll give you advice on finding the right one – and even set it up for you!

Built-In SEO

So customers can find you

Our website management system was built with search engine optimization in mind. Our sites are made to be search engine friendly, improve rankings, and drive more customers to your site. Use our tools to market your site and gain more exposure.

If your SEO knowledge needs more brushing up, we have an online university feature that's packed with how-to guides for making search engines work for you, as well as a team of experts who are here at your beck and call. We will build a plan for you that includes keyword research and creation, on-site optimization, and off-site link building in industry directories and other relevant sites. In sum: more site traffic for you!

Know How You're Doing

With at-a-glance analytics

Numbers don’t mean a thing unless they have a purpose and an origin. That's all just a nice way of saying that your site's stats are garbage unless you know how to correctly analyze them. Our platform comes with a built-in visitor tracking and analytics system that will help you understand the livelihood of your business. The detailed analytics will assist you in making the changes and improvements that are needed for your business as well as telling you what is working.

Essentially, our analytics and visitor tracking will help you to better know your website. You will go from a friend-level of 3 to a friend-level of 10…and that’s what we all want, right?


Cloud hosting

When it comes to creating and managing an online business, there are a lot of factors to consider. It's easy to become overwhelmed if you're doing it by yourself. Here at Webiquity, we will take care of your website, domain management and hosting with unlimited, world-class support . You have more important things to do for your business; why should hosting be one of them?

With our hosting you are able to customize a site that is perfect for your company. We will help you achieve that through logo and website design. We offer one-on-one support and are here to help – whether it’s creating a new site or improving an existing design. We are a team.

We also extend to you our professional copywriters, who will help make your content count. They’ll ensure that your web content is unique and does its job to attract and inform site visitors and bring needed value to your online business.


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